In common with many other community broadband groups, we are closing down and will rely on the R100 Scottish Government programme to cover our area.

This decision has not been taken lightly and has come at the end of years of frustrating experiences with Community Broadband Scotland, an organisation that was meant to help us and ended up putting barrier after barrier in our way.

When we started, BT didn’t even have our area on their radar (2022+) but multiple villages now have ‘superfast’ broadband. It’s not the 1 gigabit speeds we were aiming for: it’s not even 30 Mbps, but it is better than what was here before. This is good news for those locals who were concerned about a community group running the local network, rather than a big established company.

For those not currently covered by the BT upgrades you may want to investigate 4G mobile broadband (which is getting 40+ Mbps in some places) or satellite pending the R100 rollout reaching the GANDL area. The R100 coverage will be made public next year and we have passed the relevant postcodes onto that team.

Superfast broadband is essential for our area to remain attractive as somewhere to live and work. If anyone wants to carry on the fight for a better offering, we will be happy to pass on network mapping etc. Obviously personal information provided such as contact details will be deleted and not shared.

The Board would like to thank everyone who helped along the way – you know who you are.